“I wanted to say what an honor it is knowing, working, training, and enjoying Melinda.

I have known her in many capacities. I myself am a professional certified dog trainer a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals as well as APDT and at one time a canine good citizens instructor with the ability to certify. In addition I run a television production company and have produced such shows as Shark Tank and many others.

I met Melinda after she was done captaining a flight overseas and stopped in to see me at my class as she found me through one of the many schools I studied with. We spoke about mentoring. Her passion, commitment and energy for everything she does came through and we became fast friends and associates.

Having trained and worked with horses her whole life, flown 747’s across the great skies, she was putting her energy now towards our loving canine companions and I was attracted to her commitment and passion. 

She studied, she practiced, she learned and she grew. She took all she already knew about the animal world and opened her mind and put that into her canine world. She went on to train in many capacities and I got to watch her become an amazing and knowledgeable seasoned animal behaviorist and trainer.

I still call her now to consult on cases and we never tire to talk about this world. I still train and still run a TV company. She Captains flights across the world while caring and training for her dogs and horses. Her spirit is light and full and she is a blessing to anyone who get’s the opportunity to work and be with her.”

–Jackie Hakim, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Member of IACP and APDT, Head of Production for B17 Entertainment. Producer of Shark Tank, Los Angeles, CA

* * *

“I have been able to observe Melinda with animals, flying, and her profession as a United Pilot for 32 years. If Melinda says she is going to do something she will do it! She has been devoted and passionate about this book for the last decade. I am truly excited to see the book presented to the public. Melinda is very passionate about animals. She is a great teacher, and public speaker. She can relate to all people and will have a big impact on anyone interested in the welfare of their pets. I look forward to this book reaching the public. It will be a must read for anyone who owns a pet!”

–Jill McBride Baxter, Sports Law Attorney/ NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor/CEO/Owner of Academic Gameplan, Los Angeles CA

* * *

“I’ve known Melinda for 10 years now. She has everything you could want in a new author: Passionate, heart centered, and knowledgeable about the subject of her book. Wonderful.”

–Michael Orwig, Candidate for Ph.D.in Neuro Linuistic Programing, Author, 747 Captain, United Airlines, Phoenix AZ

* * *

“What a message of comfort and a beacon of light to know that we will be reunited with our beloved pets in heaven! This remarkable book definitely plants a mustard ”tree” for anyone who may wonder if God’s “heaven” is extended to the animal kingdom in the afterlife. It made me think that if God loves the animals as much as is found in the scriptures of the Bible, then how much more He must love me! This book is well researched and well written. She shares stories of her real life experiences that all pet owners can relate to at the passing of their beloved pet. Her true-life stories are poignant, as is her love for animals and her desire to bring comfort to pet owners at the passing of their “true friends”. I was astonished to learn of the vast biblical evidence that assures us that our pets and all God’s creatures will not be forgotten in the afterlife.”

–Kim Mason, Elementary School Teacher, Midlothian, VA

* * *

“Melinda has written “Heaven Is For Animals, Too” with a dedicated approach to her considerable research and her writing has a light touch which, at times, is not without humor. Believer or not, those with beloved animals will find this book to be enlightening, comforting and a good read.” 

–Gloria Fuller, Author and retired confidential assistant to the late Hon. George H. Revercomb, U.S. District Court, Washington, D.C.