Welcome Poem

Animals Not Forgotten

By Melinda Cerisano

To all the birds of the air,
To all the fishes’ of the sea,
And to all the animals of the land,
Throughout my life, on your behalf,
I hope to do all that I can.

I hope to encourage, all of mankind
To live a life according to God original plan,
For the animal kingdom is ruled by man’s fall,
But that does not mean we can make all the calls.
We forget that creation, and all that is within,
God made for himself, but gave us the option to sin.

What a gift it was when God made the dove,
The first domesticate animal,
So God could show us Christ’s love.

And how he loved the horse,
An animal who would stand by man
And transport him through life’s entire course.
Through battle and fury, wars and distant escapes,
The horse was there, to aid in man’s fate.

But history will show, mans fate went astray,
For pillage and violence became part of the fray.
But are not we better, now aware
Of how this trend is getting us nowhere?

Love and kindness, should be the goal
So that all of the beings could live as a whole
In this beautiful playground God lent to us all.
So lets us thrive to make peace; that should be our first call.

So when any man or animal cries for our grace,
Try not to forget: there will be a tear on his face.
If we ignore the call to mercy and act as if there is no cry,
God too will shed a tear if he sees that we don’t even try.

It is God who gave us such pleasures in life
So that we as humans will never be left alone in our stife.
Like a little dog who will give us unconditional affection
And don’t forget the devotion, of a German shepherd’s

So when you think about an animal shelter
Or a whale or dolphin, in a large tank of water,
For those within are enslaved due to no fault of their own,
Try to think about their future, and give them a better home.

For the world is getting older now;
Its time we evolve to a peaceful kingdom somehow.
As Jesus said, “Lets be kind to all that God made”
And not let our ability to create peace, be one trait that we let

God wants your soul;
He is really the one in control.
He does not forget a single sparrow
So the road we can walk is going to be narrow.

But I swear that God loves us all,
So be of a higher spirit and answer his call
To love him, and yourself, and all of the animals too
So that peace on the planet can begin to ensue.

So the next time you look into the eyes of frustration,
See Gods face and believe in a final destination
Of a suffering little being, or that of a lonely or abandoned pet.
A glorious final place- to God they are all heaven sent!