Meet the Artist

Welcome to the artwork of Steve A. Roberts:

I cannot put in to words what a gift and honor it was to have been able to dress my book in the colors and vision of Steve’s artistry.  We are now able to see heaven through the eyes of an artist who has the unique talent to put heaven’s wonder upon our eyes.

As I muddled through the arduous task of writing and re-writing this book, Heaven Is for Animals Too, I am grateful to have the fond memories of Steve’s gold gems of artwork arriving upon my computer as he envisioned the meaning of each chapter. They were inspiring, enlightening and they kept me motivated to persevere to completion.

It was so important to me to present a product to the reader that will enable them to “see” heaven and all of it’s wonder; for the reader to find comfort and hope, both for themselves and their pets, in this place we call “Heaven.”

Thank you Steve!

Meet Steve:

Steve’s artwork adorns fantasy publications, from books to puzzles, greeting cards, RPG games and more. The artwork can make or break a game, and draw you into that special fantasy novel. The artist must create characters that live and breathe. Steve accomplishes this in his many magical illustrations he has created. Steve’s work is always a standout, his grasp of color and composition enables him to bring a story to life with the magic and wonder that only an artist with the unique vision and skill of Steve A Roberts can accomplish.

A talented artist of vision and technique, Steve A Roberts is entirely self-taught in his skills. This he did by studying the works of his childhood heroes – legendary fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and The Brothers Hildebrandt. Steve received his only formal training, when he sat in on classes at the Ringling School Of Art.

What Author, Scot R. Stone, had to say about Steve’s artwork:

When searching for an artist that could capture the world of Elvana for The Snowtear Wars series, SCOT R. STONE discovered the world of Steve A. Roberts. “His work is beautiful and intelligent, a tribute to the realm of superior fantasy art,” Stone says when describing Steve’s work.

“Steve has surpassed my expectations each time he has completed a cover for one of my novels.” Fans have not only come to enjoy the story of the series Stone writes, but also the package it comes in. “My goal is to give the reader something they don’t want to give up. There are few books that I have that I truly cherish.

A lot can be said about authors and publishers if they put out a quality product– inside and out. There are many stories that die in the marketplace, simply because they do not have the proper representation for the story on the cover.

Some of the publishers that Steve has worked with:

CEACO Inc. on their beautiful fantasy puzzles, Doreen Virtue. PH.D. and her company Hayhouse on their wonderful Oracle card sets, Palladium Books on their “Rifts”RPG series, and American Greetings with their greeting cards, with Warner Brothers, on their movie, MICHAEL CLAYTON starring GEORGE CLOONEY.

Other movie companies Steve has worked with are, REMOTE BROADCASTING Inc. on their upcoming TV series THE BIG C“THE BIG C” premiering August 16th 2010 on SHOWTIME. This is what Paul Cheponis a producer for “THE BIG C” had to say about Steve and his artwork. “It was great to receive the pieces in such a quick time frame. With your help I was able to deliver a great set for the designer and director. They were extremely pleased with the set.

Steve also helped on the new movie WIN~WIN, A NEW FILM BY TOM MCCARTHY, to be released 2011, by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

These are some of the fantasy authors Steve has worked with. Jason J. Bilicic’s fantasy adventure “No Gods OF Conscience”, published by Last Lamp Publishing. Be sure to check out Scot R. Stone’s new Fantasy novel, “The Mirrors of Methalis” “The Mirrors of Methalis”, the fourth in the Snowtear Wars series that Steve has illustrated.

Another exciting novel Steve did the cover for was Hannibal Magnus by Dan Fozzard, you have to see the trailer to this one, along with many more…

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