About the Book

Please Note:  The book is available at this time on Amazon, iBooks, the websites of Barns and Noble and iUniverse.  The media campaign and press release will be launched in the month of July, 2015.

IMPORTANT: This is a mock up cover –  At the official release date, the final cover will be revealed.


I am happy to have you as a guest and I thank you for visiting this site. It is my goal to provide you with hope and comfort and I intend to reveal some of the mysteries surrounding the issue of whether or not animals are included in an afterlife.  I have written a book to do exactly that, to ease your mind and to open it up to a place called heaven- for all that God created.

The soon to be released book, Heaven Is for Animals Too, will provide the hope and comfort for both believers and skeptics.

So here we go…If you are an animal lover or if you have experienced the dreadful pain of loosing a beloved pet, fasten your seatbelt, for this is a journey into the age-old question; do animals go to heaven?

For almost a decade, I have devoted myself to the examination of the most famous piece of literature to answer this question.  You will be shocked to discover what the Bible reveals about the animal kingdom.

You will discover how translations evolved, what heaven looks like and who occupies the celestial kingdom.  What does the word “dominion” really mean?  Do you really need to be made in God’s image to be emitted into heaven? Do animals have souls? Discover an interesting link between a main character of the Bible and the practice of animals sacrifice.

You will be glad to know that God does have a game plan for your pet in the afterlife. Not one sparrow is forgotten. When God created the animals, he said, “It is Good”. I would love for you to enjoy a good read about how your pet is important to God and will not be forgotten after death. Discover God’s grace, God’s mercy and the call to heaven. After all, Heaven Is for Animals Too.

You see, Heaven Is for Animals Too is unique because it brings into focus a supreme being, a God you can love.  Not a God of religion, or of fire and brimstone, but one of compassion for all that he created. We will examine the details behind the conclusion that the animals will not be forgotten by God, and therefore they will be inheritors of heaven.

Heaven Is for Animals Too takes a journey through the Bible through the lenses of the original writers. You will learn that there are significant lessons about the animals, often overlooked in the common stories such as the Garden of Eden, Noah and the Ark, Daniel, Job, Cornelius, Jesus, and the book about Armageddon, Revelation.

To tame the controversy regarding an animal afterlife from the aspect of the confines of the Christian religion, I have researched animal theology by interviewing clergy representing most denominations.  I have been to the Vatican. I have interviewed protestant pastors and ministers.  I have interviewed Rabbis.  I have attended animal theology seminars and I have seen some of the Dea Sea Scrolls.  I have ventured into the Bible’s original languages, which shined a new light on the final destination of an animal’s soul. Interestingly so, and as a result, I have discovered that translation variances are a key to the main theme of my book, Heaven Is for Animals Too. As spoken in the movie, Angels and Demons, “Religion is flawed, only because man is flawed.” I am here to demonstrate in my writing and research that the message of God is not flawed.  We just need to be brave enough to open our eyes to all sentience, all of God’s creation.  After all, when God created the birds of the air and the fishes of the sea and the things that creepeth, he validated his delight in them, as he did in Adam. He said “It is Good”.

I am qualified to write on this subject because I am both an animal advocate and an advocate for the Christian religion.  Not the Christian religion with limited borders, but of one who values two virtues; love thy God with all thy heart and soul, and love thy neighbor. Period. I believe that the animals are our neighbors.  I have been immersed in the animal world as an international level equestrian, a certified canine specialist, and one who travels the world to study mammalian behavior.  I have seen the good and the ugly side of animals in captivity.  My heart has dripped tears for the meek in the world of animal sport, animal captivity, animal labor, animal consumption and the resulting injustices.  The Bible provided answers. Some of these answers were buried in the English translations. I am glad to present to the reader that these answers rose to the surface while examining the Bibles original languages.