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Do our pets go to heaven? Will all animals have a place in the afterlife, where they will be welcomed and embraced by a loving and compassionate God?

Interest in the subject has never been greater than it is now. Both inside and outside the Christian community, we have seen a growing spotlight pointed at all matters related to heaven. At the same time, the specific issue of animals being included or excluded from heaven has been explored and debated in expanding circles, from Christian websites and magazine articles to dueling neighborhood church billboard postings.

I offer this website, as well as my book, Heaven Is For Animals Too, to the continued focus and exploration on this matter. I enter this public forum with a definitive point of view and a strong belief. I have arrived at my own resounding answer to this question, and I believe that clear, ample evidence in the Bible backs and supports it.

Yes, our pets and all the animals go to heaven! I do not mean doggy heaven; I mean God’s heaven. I do not mean mankind’s version of heaven but rather God’s actual afterlife, a paradise of beauty and grace. To extend the phrase from the current popular book and movie, heaven is for real … for animals too!

So if you have been guided to this website because you have lost a beloved pet or animal, I welcome you to the exploration. May you also be comforted by the many reasons to believe that God has not forgotten our animals. Perhaps you simply love animals and are concerned about their welfare, both on earth and in whatever you believe an afterlife may be. Maybe you are a minister or biblical scholar who is interested in discovering different views and possible new evidence that point to animals going to heaven. Perhaps you are in the camp that strongly contends that animals do not go to heaven and you are curious about the evidence and the beliefs you are about to encounter. If so, there’s room for us all!


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